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Kluber Madol 950 - T - 325039

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2. Klüber Madol 950 Article # 325039 Klüber Lubrication North America L.P. 32 Industrial Drive Londonderry, NH 03053 (T) 603.647.4104 ~ (F) 603.647.4106 Application Benefits • Better knitting efficiency • Lower machine temperatures • Less wear on knitting elements under high speeds • Removable from cotton and polyester/co tton blends under normal scouring conditions Application Notes Klüber Madol lubricants primarily ar e engineered to lubricate metal par ts of machines to maximize efficiency. A secondary feature of their design is to enhance removability from textile fabrics during wet processing. The degree of removability varies from product to product due to the many different lubrication requirements of machiner y manufacturers and other variables which are entirely beyond our control. The additives in Klüber Madol that enhance remo vability under certain conditions may affect certain painted surfaces and/or certain non-metallic parts. Because the type and quantities of many materials used by machine manufacturers are beyond our control, it is recommended that purchasers of all lubricants used on the machines should conduct sufficient trials in advance to ensure product suitability and effectiveness. Packaging Sizes 5 gallon pail 55 gallon drum 275 gallon tote

1. These statements represent our present day information and are intended to describe our products and their applications. They are not, however, intended to guarantee particular properties of the products or their qualifications for specific applications. This information is also confidential to the recipient and may in no case, without special permission be transmitted to a third party , particularly competitors, either in its original form or as a copy or extract. The recipient of this data incurs the obligation to keep them confidential and to be responsible for damage resulting from infringements whereby Kluber Lubrication North America will not have to prove negligence. Klüber Madol 950 Article # 325039 Klüber Lubrication North America L.P. 32 Industrial Drive Londonderry, NH 03053 (T) 603.647.4104 ~ (F) 603.647.4106 Description Klüber Madol 950 knitting lubricant is compounded from excellent lubricity, colorless base stocks and is highly resistant to oxidation. Low friction, anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives in Klüber Madol 950 contribute to better knitting efficiency, lower machine temperatures and less wear on knitting elements at high speeds. Klüber Madol 950 lubricant is also designed with the finisher in mind. It is removable from cott on and polyester/cotton fabr ic blends under normal scouring procedures. Product Data Appearance Clear, almost colorless liquid Viscosity, cSt (40 ° C) 24 Viscosity, SUS (100 ° F) 131 Viscosity, SUS (210 ° F) 41 Viscosity Index 95 Refractive Index (25 ° C) 1.4683 Specific Gravity (72 ° /72 ° F) 0.885 Color, APHA 50 Max. Film Strength (Falex) Superior Anti-Wear Properties (Falex) Excellent Extreme Pressure Properties, lb (Falex) > 1250 Emulsion Stability Excellent Scourability Excellent Anti-Corrosion Properties Excellent Flash Point, COC ( ° F) >365 Pour Point ( ° F) > 20 Density, lb/gal 7.37


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