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Kluber Madol 100

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1. Klüber Madol 100 oils Needle and sinker oils for hosiery and flat-bed knitting machinery The data in this product information is based on our general experience and knowledge at the time of printing and is intended t o give information of possible applications to a reader with technical experience. It constitutes neither an assurance of product properties nor does it release the user from the obli gation of performing preliminary tests with the selected product. We recommend contacting our Technical Consulting Staff to discuss your specific application. If required and possible we will be pleased to provide a sample for testing. Klüber products are continually improved. Therefore, Klüber Lubrication reserves the right to change all the technical data in this product information at any time without notice. Klüber Lubrication München KG, a member of the Freudenberg group Publisher and Copyright: Reprints, total or in part, are permitted if source Klüber Lubrication München KG Klüber Lubrication München KG is indicated and voucher copy is forwarded. Geisenhausenerstraße 7, 81379 München, Deutschland  +49 89 7876-0, Telefax +49 89 7876-333, www.klueber.com Product information 5.532 e Edition 06.03 Code-No.: 325013, 325016, 325021 MA-LSL/CF Klüber Madol 100 oils • Scourable needle oils • Good wear protection • Noise and oscillation damp- ening • Suitable for oil circulation systems in hosiery knitting machinery Product data Madol 162 Madol 172 Madol 183 Colour, appearance light yellow, clear light yellow, clear light yellow, clear Density, DIN 51757 at 20 °C, g/cm³, approx. 0.86 0.87 0.86 Kinematic viscosity, DIN 51562 at 40 °C, mm 2 /s, approx. 100 °C, mm 2 /s, approx. 24 4.6 32 5.4 45 6.6 Pour point, DIN ISO, 3016, °C, approx. -35 -18 -15 Description Klüber Madol 100 oils fulfill the wide ranging operational requirements found in today’s modern knitting mills. Application Klüber Madol 100 oils are used to lubricate the mechanisms of rotary or flat bed knitting machinery. Their formulation enables extended needle life whilst ensuring parts remain clean and free from residues. For selection of viscosity grade please observe the machine manu- facturer’s recommendations. Application notes Klüber Madol 100 oils can be ap- plied via oil circulation equipment. Before changing to a Klüber Madol 900 oil, please ensure that the lubri- cation delivery system is fully drai- ned and thoroughly cleaned. Where possible needle oils should never be mixed. Klüber Madol 115 FO may be used for pre cleaning of knitting machines prior to changeover. Minimum shelf life The minimum shelf life is approx. 24 months if the product is stored in its closed original container in a dry place. Pack sizes 19 l canister 208 l drum


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